InnoVenton: NMMU Institute for Chemical Technology – is 10 years old and can especially be proud of two main projects, namely Coalgae ®, a biofuel from algae and coal and environmentally-friendly plasticisers (additives that increase the plasticity or fluidity of especially plastics) used in among others nail varnish, tablet capsules and children’s toys.

The Institute has also made a difference in society through its projects of the past ten years which includes:

  • producing a probiotic, namely Inulin, through extracts from chicory (an Eastern Cape crop)
  • long-life roses through preservation processes
  • liquid motor vehicle tyre safety product that seals off punctures internally
  • Aloin products from Aloe plants for applications in the pharmaceutical and personal care industry
  • the monitoring of drinking water for safety
  • testing vehicle parts such as dash boards, carpets and foams for durability and safety

InnoVenton was awarded Technology Station status by the DST (Department of Science and Technology) through the TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) soon after its establishment.

The new Chemical Process Technology Diploma offers a new avenue into the field of chemical processing and support from industry has been exceptional, while the honours degree in Formulation Science has also grown to such an extent that these students assist in the research and development of new projects in industry.