i. Respect for diversity

  • We reflect and serve diverse regional, national and global communities
  • We promote an open society where critical scholarship and the expression of a multiplicity of opinions and experiences are actively encouraged
  • We foster an environment in which diversity is appreciated, respected and celebrated
  • We are committed to accessibility, inclusivity and social justice

ii. Excellence

  • We promote, recognise and reward excellence in our teaching, learning, research and engagement 
  • We promote, recognise and reward excellent service delivery to all our stakeholders
  • We provide a supportive and affirming environment that enables students and staff to reach their full potential
  • We adopt innovative approaches to promote excellence in our institutional processes and systems


iii. Ubuntu

  • We are a people-centred university
  • We respect the dignity of others
  • We recognise our mutual interdependence
  • We promote compassionate and responsible citizenship

iv. Integrity

  • We act with integrity and accept responsibility for our actions
  • We behave in an ethical and professional manner
  • We conduct our activities in an accountable and transparent manner
  • We ensure the integrity of our information, systems and processes

v. Respect for the natural environment

  • We care about the environment and recognise our responsibility to conserve, protect and properly manage natural resources for ourselves and future generations
  • We promote the integration of sustainability principles into our academic practices, institutional operations and design of physical infrastructure
  • We encourage mutually beneficial and sustainable approaches to community service and engagement
  • We inspire students and staff to embrace environmentally friendly practices

vi. Taking responsibility

  • We acknowledge our personal responsibility for ethical behaviour towards others
  • We assume responsibility for the achievement of personal and institutional goals
  • We accept responsibility for our actions and the consequences thereof
  • We provide an environment that encourages students and staff to take responsibility for their academic and professional endeavours