This is a call to all NMMU staff and students to come out in large numbers to support our own international students and their fellow countrymen and women in a silent march against xenophobia.

Almost 8 percent of NMMU's 27 000 students come from outside of South Africa.

NMMU will be joined by the wider community, including the Metro Mayor Fihla and Provincial Premier Masualle in a show of solidarity across the province for our African compatriots.

Security and traffic flow arrangements

The main open visitors’ parking area in front of the Embizweni entrance to the main admin building on South Campus will be closed off and access restricted to ensure safety of persons and property during the march and the address thereafter. Security will be on point duty to assist with directing traffic flow and the Marine Drive gate will be open to accommodate alternative access and egress for the day.

To accommodate NMMU councillors attending tomorrows council session, parking bay’s 1 to 22, situated along the outer kerb, adjacent to the undercover bays, will be reserved for the day. Staff allocated these bays are respectfully requested to seek alternative parking for the day.

Please note, the march route is as follows and thus traffic flow during the scheduled period will be affected.