In the spirit of our 10-year celebrations, 21 years of democracy and the ongoing transformation debate, NMMU is to continue its Courageous Conversations.

This opening event to give staff and students the opportunity to ask difficult questions was hosted on Tuesday 12 May, a day after the University’s successful Madibaz Day celebrations.

The vast array of questions, as well as the man out-and-out complaints by the 300-plus staff and students in attendance prompted healthy interaction between the initiator of the Courageous Conversation Prof Derrick Swartz and many of his senior team.

It has also paved the way for further conversations in which solutions around various issues, including transformation, can be mutually sought.

“We don’t have all the answers, but in working together we can try to find solutions,” Prof Swartz told the audience.

He likened the initiative to a family having a conversation. Though family members might have differing opinions they endeavour to hear one another out, and plot the best way forward for the family – or in this case, NMMU.